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Being a self-professed fall lover, Courtney has always been drawn to the color and texture of Minnesota fall color. 

In fact, this project began with a fall camping trip at Itasca State Park. While walking through the park, Courtney began to gather fallen leaves simply for the pleasure of admiring them. The more she gathered, the more diverse and captivating her collection became. Tucked away in the safety of her bag, the leaves made it home in one piece, and Courtney promptly placed them into books to press them. After they had fully dried, Courtney placed them on a light table to study their color and structure. That's when she began to photograph them, and it became one of her favorite projects. By cropping her images into squares, it removes all perspective and assumptions of the leaf and allows you to truly focus on the color and texture each provide.

These prints compliment each other flawlessly and are excellent hung in groups of three.

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